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Unidentified Body Found During Clean Up on Shuyak

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Jay Barrett/KMXT
The unidentified human remains discovered on Shuyak Island Monday was found by the executive director of Kodiak’s Island Trails Network, whose crew was collecting marine debris on Shuyak and nearby Afognak Island this summer.
Andy Schroeder says he was alone in his skiff and scouting the next beach his crew of a dozen would clean when he spotted the body.
“And when I approached I saw human remains. Badly decomposed, but fully clothed, in sort of the mid-tide level on the beach. I came up for a closer look just to verify that I was seeing what I thought I saw. And upon realizing that I went back to the Island Sea and contacted the State Troopers.”
He said the Troopers responded quickly with a float plan out of Kodiak, and his crew helped with the transfer of the remains from the beach.
“The whole operations took less than two hours from the time I discovered the remains to the time it landed back in Kodiak. Our crews responded and were able to assist, and I think anybody would have done the same thing in that situation.”
Alaska State Trooper spokeswoman Megan Peters said there was no identification with the body and that the State Medical Examiner will try to determine the person’s identity and cause of death. Schroeder said the body was dressed like a commercial fisherman.
“The victim was fully clothed, wearing chest waders, a rain jacket and gloves. I could see, nevertheless that the body was badly decomposed.”
Shuyak Island is 50 miles north of Kodiak City.


Human Remains Found on Shuyak Island

Associated Press
Alaska state Troopers say human remains have been found on Shuyak Island.
Troopers say they were notified Monday about the discovery on the east side of the island, located about 70 miles north of Kodiak.
Troopers say an identification of the remains could not be made because of their condition. They did not say how old the remains might be.
The remains were recovered. They were sent to the state medical examiner’s office.

Troopers Seek Help in Locating Kodiak Man

Teddy Charliaga is wanted by Alaska State Troopers. AST/Photo

Teddy Charliaga is wanted by Alaska State Troopers. AST/Photo

Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
Alaska State Troopers are asking for the public’s help in locating a Kodiak man wanted on warrants and concern for his life. According to an AST dispatch posted on Monday, troopers said they are looking for 35-year-old Teddy Charliaga. Troopers and Kodiak Police attempted to locate Charliaga after a woman reported he was going to harm himself. He also has an existing bench warrant out for his arrest.
According to the dispatch Charliaga was last seen by the waterfront in downtown Kodiak on August 14. He was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and tan colored shorts. The dispatch reports it appears he is trying to avoid law enforcement.
Anyone with information about Charliaga’s whereabouts is asked to contact the troopers at 486-4121 or call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 486-3113. Troopers also remind folks that anyone aiding Charliaga or preventing his arrest may also face criminal charges.

Unknown Suspects Impersonate Officers, Fire Gun

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Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
Alaska State Troopers and the Kodiak Police Department are asking for the public’s help in finding two men who impersonated law enforcement over the weekend.
           Megan Peters is a spokesperson for the troopers and said gun shots were reportedly heard at Mill Bay beach just before Midnight on Saturday. Upon arrival and further investigation, Peters said troopers learned that two males dressed in black and wearing ski masks approached a 17-year-old juvenile near the beach.
            “The subjects claimed that they were police officers and demanded that the minor identify himself. When the minor questioned their validity as law enforcement officers one of the subjects brandished a pistol and fired the weapon.”  
             Peters said the minor was not injured and the suspects fled the scene. The incident is still under investigation and anyone with information should contact the troopers or police department immediately.
              “We always do encourage the public to come forward with any kind of information that they have regarding any crime. We really do rely on tips we get from the public in certain cases and this case we really feel like it would be exceedingly helpful if somebody did call us and were able to tell us some information.”
              The Alaska State Troopers can be contacted by calling 486-4121, or folks can anonymously contact Crime Stoppers at 486-3113. 

Heroin, Meth Seized in Monday Arrests

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Brianna Gibbs and Jay Barrett/KMXT
Three Kodiak residents are behind bars and more heroin is off the streets after their arrest Monday afternoon.
Charged with robbery, theft, assault, kidnapping and drug misconduct are 39-year-old Jami Gibson, 38-year-old Phil Gibson and 27-year old Julian Valdez. The three were arrested after allegedly tying up three men living in a tent and beating one of them with a wooden rod.
Sergeant Eric Olsen is with the Alaska State troopers and said the unidentified victims, aged 17, 21 and 23, told troopers they were awakened early Monday morning by someone cutting open their tent. He said they were then tied together with a phone cord and the 21-year-old was beaten repeatedly with what was described as a large wooden dowel. At some point the men were able to escape their captors and seek medical treatment in the emergency room and the troopers were contacted to come investigate.
“At that point additional resources were obtained. Both the Alaska State Troopers, Alaska Wildlife Troopers and Kodiak Police Department conducted a joint operation in which two search warrants were served at a residence here in Kodiak within the city limits area.”
The home belonged to the Gibsons, and during the search officers found about 15 grams of black and brown heroin, 1 gram of methamphetamine, prescription narcotics and drug paraphernalia. The drugs have an approximate street value of $14,000.
Jami and Phil Gibson were arrested and Olsen said further investigation led to the arrest of a third accomplice, Valdez, later Monday afternoon.
Olsen said the attack of the three men in the tent was provoked after one of the men reportedly stole a large sum of money from the Gibsons.
“This is not a random event. The citizens of Kodiak are not in danger of anything else like that. So at this point the case has been presented to the district attorneys office. We’re still conducting follow-up investigation.”)
The three men that were arrested were held at the Kodiak jail until their arraignment Tuesday afternoon. Both Phil Gibson and Valdez were held on $250,000 bail as well as a court-appointed third part and Jami Gibson was held on $50,000 bail plus a court-appointed third party.
Olsen said these recent arrests reaffirm that Kodiak does indeed have a drug problem and it is most likely contributing to other crimes in town.
“The town of Kodiak, we have an epidemic of drug problems here in this town. It’s out of control and we’re doing the best we can to follow up on every action and report of narcotics that we receive. It’s a team effort by our agency as well as other local agencies here in Kodiak. And we’re doing the best we can. We realize there’s a problem and we’re doing everything we can to make sure the citizens of Kodiak are safe and that it’s not a continuing problem. But right now meth and heroin is our number one problem and it’s a catalyst for all kinds of different problems. And any help we can get from the public is truly appreciated.”
Olsen said folks can always report tips to Crime Stoppers anonymously. That phone number is 486-3113. Continue reading

Drug Bust Seizes $2,000 in Heroin

Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
A joint effort by the Alaska State Troopers and Kodiak Police Department resulted in a drug bust on Friday. Three grams of tar heroin were seized in addition to $3,970. The estimated street value of the heroin is around $2,000.
The bust was the result of a joint investigation following a traffic stop made by Troopers. A press release from the Kodiak Police Department identified the occupants of the vehicle as Sarena Espinoza and Michael Richardson. Troopers became suspicious of possible drug activity based on prior histories with both occupants and contacted a drug enforcement officer from KPD. They obtained several search warrants which led to the discovery of the heroin and cash.
Both Espinoza and Richardson were arrested for misconduct involving a controlled substance in the second degree, a class A felony. They were arraigned in court on Saturday and bail was set at $50,000 each. The investigation is ongoing.