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City Construction, Maintenance Projects Continue Apace

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Jay Barrett/KMXT
At Thursday’s Kodiak City Council meeting, city manager Aimee Kniaziowski gave brief updates on various maintenance and construction projects around town. Some are coming along quicker than scheduled, such as the latest phase of water and sewer upgrades in Aleutian Homes.
“The curb and gutter is complete. Multiple retaining walls are under construction, the D-1, sidewalks and street pavements are schedule to start in two weeks, and traffic will be limited to local access only. And we expect the contractor, Brechan, to be done by the end of this month, which is way early. We really appreciate it; the project’s gone very well.”)
She said Ohno Construction is doing some repairs to the Baranof Park football field around the mascot logo in the center of the field, and has extending the warranty on work done on the baseball field:
“Last spring and winter we had a problem with standing water on that field. They’ve agreed to extend the warranty and give it another year. What we think that happened was the ground was frozen underneath, not allowing the water to drain through. And we haven’t seen that back up. They want to observe it some more before they start tearing up that turf.”
Kniaziowski noted the asphalt milling and repaving going on along Mill Bay Road. Work at the intersection of Birch has already been done.
“They’re working on three other segments that in are chronic drainage areas, problem areas. Benny Benson, Bancroft, and kind of right in front of King Fisher Air. So hopefully, they’ll mill that, replace it and increase the crown of the road, and hopefully we can nurse that along a little bit and make that road hold together for a longer time.”
Mill Bay Road was completely resurfaced about five years ago, but ruts and potholes developed over the last few years.
Down on the waterfront, Kniaziowski said Harbormaster Lon White is working with the state to facilitate the Pier 1 replacement project:
“They’re going to be starting on that here this month. Pacific Pile and Marine is the contractor, and they’ll begin pulling down the old Pier 1, which is an old timber-pile dock, and replacing it. The ferry and the state, they’re looking for options for ferry office space and a construction office. Initially we thought maybe they would come to Pier 2, but it looks like they’re looking around. They’re going to try some other things.”
She also informed the council that a Parks and Recreation department crew has been trying to clean up around the Mall, and tended to the trees and flower beds there as well.


City Looks For Public Comments on Composting

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Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
It’s been almost a year since the topic of composting biosolids has made it to a Kodiak City Council agenda, but work has been well underway to make it a reality. The design for the new composting facility is at 95 percent, and City Manager Aimee Kniaziowksi said they are getting ready to submit the design to the the Alaska Department of Enviornmental Conservation for permitting.
“That’s the next step and once we’re issued a permit then we can begin the process of building this facility and migrating over. We’re currently doing compost class B on the borough landfill at the top of the current landfill pile, so we’ll migrate that to the new facility once it’s been designed and ready.”
The goal is to eventually produce a higher quality class A compost at the new facility.
Mark Kozak is the public works director for the city and said a meeting was held with folks from the Monashka Bay community about a year ago to talk about preliminary plans for the composting facility.
“Because they’re the nearest neighbor to this potential site. We took their public input and then we started the design. And now we’re at the point where the design is ready to be submitted to DEC to start the permit process. And what we want to do is visit with the public again, let them see the design and ask their questions, so that they know when we submit our permit, what the facility is like, how the process is managed and handled and then we can hear and get feedback from them now if there’s anything they have concerns about.” Continue reading

Talk of the Rock: Composting Facility Plans

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On today’s edition of Talk of the Rock we’ll hear an interview with Kodiak City Manager Aimee Kniaziowski, Public Works Director Mark Kozak and City Engineer Glenn Melvin about the proposed composting facility at the landfill. The class A composting facility is 95 percent designed and city staff are seeking public input before they submit the plans to the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. 

            There will be a public meeting about composting and plans for the new facility on Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Bayside Fire Hall. The gathering will include a panel question and answer session with three composting experts from CH2M Hill, the company designing the composting facility, and a representative from the DEC.
            Kniaziowski said city staff will present the current design for the project, including maps and pictures, and detail how it will operate and the ultimate goal for class A composting in Kodiak.

Waterline Work May Cause Issues

Jay Barrett/KMXT
Residents on the east end of town could experience water issues this afternoon and evening as Kodiak public works will be flushing water mains around the 3400 block of Rezanof Drive East, starting at 1 p.m. At the same time, the Kodiak Fire Department will be testing fire hydrants in the same area.
Water system flushing clears out the lines from any fine particulates that can build up in the pipes, which could result in discolored tap water.
Public Works reminds users that the water is still treated and disinfected, despite being discolored, and meets all drinking water standards.
To clear out your water pipes, the city recommends turn on the cold water in a tub or shower until it runs clear, and they suggest not washing clothes during this time, either.
Areas that could be affected include Woody Way, Sitkinak Drive and Woodland Acres.

Powers to Leave Parks and Rec Position

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Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
The second parks and recreation director in the city of Kodiak’s history is stepping down at the end of the month. Charlie Powers held the position for a little over a year and will be moving off island later this summer. Powers and his family have lived in Kodiak for more than 20 years and first came to the island as teachers in the village of Old Harbor.
“That was fun we were out there about seven years and taught school and owned a lodge and commercial fished and it’s where our boys were born and raised so Old Harbor is near and dear to our hearts. And then we moved off island actually for about five years, to the valley. And we missed Kodiak so much so we had to come out, so we came back in 2007 and rebounded with the island and it’s been wonderful.”
Before being hired as the city’s parks and rec director, Powers was the vice president of corporate affairs for Koniag, Inc. He said the company did a bit of downsizing and the timing worked out well for him to join the parks and rec department when long time director Ian Fulp retired.
Powers said some of his goals when he took the position were to keep the city’s outstanding projects on track and see many of them through completion.  Continue reading

Borough Approves Land Transfer to City

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Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
Composting in Kodiak took one step closer toward reality Thursday night when the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly approved a land transfer to the city.
The city hopes to build a Class A composting facility south of the landfill on 2.36 acres of borough land. Lesser quality Class B composting is already being made at the landfill. During Thursday’s regular meeting the borough assembly voted six to one in favor of the land transfer, meaning the city can get the ball rolling on planning, permitting and design.
Back in July the assembly voted against a similar land transfer, saying the city had not performed enough community outreach. Borough Manager Bud Cassidy said this go around was a different story.
“The city in fact has done that. They’ve met with the SWAB, they’ve also met with Monashka Bay Service Area. They’ve also travelled to the Northwest to look at other similar kinds of facilities. It’s also important to dispose of that land to the city because they want to be able to design the site. Design is real critical because that site needs to be approved by DEC. They want site control, they want to be able to do geotech work to see if in fact the kind of thing they’re trying to do there will happen. Is the area that’s really a big fill stable enough to allow that.” Continue reading