Kodiak-Bound Vessel Lost 41 Years Ago Found

The FV Katmai is clearly identifiable even after 41-years on the bottom. USCG photo

The FV Katmai is clearly identifiable even after 41-years on the bottom. USCG photo


The fishing vessel Katmai was on its way to Kodiak when it was lost and presumed sunk in 1972. USCG photo

Jay Barrett/KMXT
In February 1972 a Kodiak-bound fishing boat out of Mobile, Alabama, disappeared without a trace, taking all hands with it. Now, 41 years later, the Coast Guard announced that the fishing vessel Katmai has been found.

It was stumbled across by a Schmidt Ocean Institute survey of the ocean floor in December, while working for the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. The crew of the research vessel Falkor saw an unknown sonar blip about 200 miles offshore, but had no record of a sunken vessel in that spot. They sent a remote operating vehicle, or ROV, down to investigate, and there they found the Katmai in 9,000 of water in remarkably good shape.

The Coast Guard was notified and initiated a cold-case investigation.
What they determined was the Katmai departed Mobile, where it was constructed by Bender Ship Building, on February 18, 1972, and it never made its destination of Alaska, or even as far as the Panama Canal.
The Katmai had disappeared without a trace and was presumed sunk in the Gulf of Mexico. It was skippered by owner Oskar Joos, and had aboard his wife, their eight-year-old child, and crewman Clinton Hollevoet.

The Coast Guard has contacted the families of the victims and told them what happened to their loved ones.


10 responses to “Kodiak-Bound Vessel Lost 41 Years Ago Found

  1. Cold chills……
    A fresh farewell.

  2. Nice article but you never mention WHERE it was found, smh.

  3. Looks like one of those Bender’s with HIGH Wheelhouse? Not sure…. ’72? Hmm….Might be a bit early for one of the 97’s…… an 86′. 😦
    May God rest and keep them and May They look out for the Fishing Men, Women and their Families! In Jesus’s name, AMEN

  4. I can’t believe the clarity of the name on the ship. Amazing photos. Fair winds and following seas to the family and crew member that were lost. If their families didn’t have peace, maybe they can find it now.

  5. The boat was found 159 miles south of Mobile, AL. It’s a miracle to see where my Grandparents boat went down after all the years I wish we’d heard from the Coast guard and not the news.

  6. My uncle was the crew member onboard, Clinton Hollevoet. Even though it definitely feels good to know where the boat lies, there are still so many unanswered questions. We will probably never know why it sunk, among other things. He is still greatly missed after all these years. My thoughts and prayers also go out to the Joos family and friends.

  7. The Katmai was a 113 ton Bender built in 1971. Prayers for those lost so long ago and their families.

  8. Have thought of the family many times over the years. They were such a nice family.

  9. Wish they could find my father’s boat. the FV TUVA…

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