New Show to Highlight ‘Extreme Relationships’ With Sea

[listen here]
Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
There are a handful of Kodiak locals that have made it into the reality TV spotlight in recent years, and now there’s an opportunity for even more to have their 15 minutes of fame.
Jason Watt is an executive producer for Al Roker Entertainment, the company that recently put out a casting call for a new documentary series that will highlight individuals with extreme relationships with the sea.
“These are people who might feel as or more comfortable on the water as they do on land. That they not only make their living from the ocean but it might be a way of life.”
Ideally, he said this could include fishermen, liveaboards or folks who have pursued the sea as a passion their whole life.
“We have a very open mind to what could fit into this category and we’re excited to hear from people who have a way of life, by design, unlike any other.”
Watt said the company’s time frame is fairly flexible, and they want the casting process to be an organic one. He said they are willing to wait for the right people with a compelling life story to share.
Al Roker Entertainment is the company behind the popular Coast Guard Alaska series, which airs on the Weather Channel.
“And so we’ve had a presence in Alaska for a long time and because of that we’ve just as a company become aware of just how rich stories are in Alaska.”
Here is a link to contact the company, if you or someone you know fits the description and are interested in auditioning for the show.


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