Kodiak’s July Weather: Not Bad, on Average

Jay Barrett/KMXT
While communities in much of mainland Alaska are enjoying a record rainy summer, Kodiak is so far largely below average in rainfall and above average in temperature – but not by much, according to National Weather Service records.
For the month of July, it rained just over two-and-a-half-inches, which is half the norm. It was, however more than twice as much rain as we got last July.
The average high of 64 last month is four degrees above average, but neither the month’s rainfall nor temperature were anywhere near records.
July’s high was reached on the 2nd, at 74 degrees officially, eight degrees below the record of 82 set in 2004. July’s low of 45 was also 8 degrees from the record of 37 set in 2007.
The record rainfall for the month of July came in 1985, with 10-point-21 inches, more than seven inches greater than last month. The driest July was in 1980, when just 84-100ths of an inch fell – about a third of this year’s July.
For the year, 2014 is proving to be wetter than usual, with 42.82-inches of precipitation since January 1st, which is 15-100ths more than average. Since June 1st however, we’re a solid 2-inches less than the average of 9.29-inches.
The National Weather Service is predicting above average temperatures for Kodiak and Southwest Alaska for the month of August, with rainfall hovering somewhere around average.


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