The Kodiak Children’s Fair Kicks Off This weekend

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Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
This weekend is the annual Kodiak Children’s Fair, an event for young kids, parents and childcare providers alike. Jane Petrich is the director of the Kodiak Child Development Center on base and said the event began as an idea to honor those who work with children, but it has grown in size and purpose over the years.
“It sort of morphed into this event where agencies came to where we were at the high school for years and had things to share with families and providers, all dealing with children five years and under. So it’s a really special population.”
Petrich said the fair will include activities and games for children in that age group.
“So they might be doing an art project, they might be making a book. I’m going to be planting seeds and talking about gardening and how that can be expanded into the life of a young child. I think the school district is there and they do some more motor activities. I know Providence is going to be there and they’re going to be setting up some mats and giving children the opportunity to do some gross motor things. There might be some water play, or sensory play. So lots of different just small activities for children to do.”
The fair will also include informational materials for Parents and childcare providers about services for that five-and-under population of kids in Kodiak. It will also provide necessary training opportunities for those who do work with young children.
“It gives agencies and opportunity to spotlight their work, and what they have available. And then it gives parents an opportunity to see sort of some of the potential of the young kids and what you can do to keep them entertained and educate them.”
Petrich said the event has been going on for about half a decade and it usually happens in April.
“The National Association for the Education of Young Children, also known as NAEYC, is a national organization that supports the education of young children and supports families of young children and they identify a week in April, every year – the week of the young child. And it’s always in April and it’s always around the same time and if you look around like in Anchorage or other places around the state, you’ll see they have events centered around the week of the young child. ”
The Kodiak Children’s Fair is free and will be held this Saturday at the Kodiak Public Library from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.


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