Basketball Coaches Comment on New Gym

[listen here]
Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
The regular season came a close last week for Kodiak High School’s basketball teams. Both the boys and girls are at Colony High School this weekend for the Northern Lights Conference tournament, where they hope to earn tickets to the state championship later this month.
This season the players were able to practice and compete in a recently renovated gym at the high school. Amy Fogle coaches the Lady Bears and said she was pleased with the changes to the gym, which included new flooring and bleachers.
“I think all the improvements we’ve made have been great. I think the floor is really, really nice. I do like the bleachers; it’s nice to have the rails for the older population and getting up and out of the stands. It kind of feels like you’re on top of the crowd, sitting up high. It’s pretty high up there. Anything new and clean is always exciting.”
David Anderson coaches the boys team and had similar thoughts about the improvements.
“Well as much as we get to practice in it, it’s great. Playing in it, the kids love it. It’s a new floor, gives them a little new bounce in there and I think the capacity it holds in there is just awesome. I think it gives a different perspective with the bleachers up as high as they are. You’re looking down on the players instead of looking at them. And you can kind of see what’s going on the floor out there. So I think they did a great job.”
Up on the mainland, both teams have a first round bye in the region tournament and will begin game play Friday afternoon.


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