‘No Hassle’ GED Testing Saturday

[listen here]
Jay Barrett/KMXT
We’ve had a number of stories this year about how changes are coming to the G.E.D., or General Education Development, test in January. Adelia Myrick, the adult basic education coordinator at Kodiak College told KMXT the 2014 test will likely be longer, more challenging and more expensive.
“I’m all for improving the level of education but I do worry a little bit about closing some doors for some people. Philosophically I suppose I’m in favor of it, but on a real level I think it might be a little hard for some people. I’m just really encouraging people to get in and get it done now.”
In pursuit of that goal, Kodiak College is offering a chance on Saturday for anyone wanting to take the GED test to do so with no hassle. There will be no fees, no paperwork, no assessment and no appointment required. Simply go by the Kodiak College Campus Center room 208 anytime between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and take the GED.
If you do have questions, call the college at 486-1201.


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