Suspected Midtown Drug Den Raided

Jay Barrett/KMXT
Kodiak Police along with State Troopers and federal agents caused quite a stir in Midtown yesterday morning around 9 a.m. when they conducted an armed daylight raid on a suspected drug den. The raid occurred in a small residential trailer court in the 1900-block of Mill Bay Road. It’s within sight of the Kodiak Police Station.
In a release from the office of the police chief, the raid was prompted by the interception last Tuesday of a package containing 34 grams of black tar heroin. The package was reportedly bound for people the Kodiak Police have long suspected to be drug dealers, and who have been under investigation. The release did not say how long the investigation has been going on, or release their names.
Darrylynn Ford, assistant to the chief, said in an e-mail that no arrests were made at the time of the raid. Possession or distribution of heroin is a Class A felony, which could result in up to 20-years in prison if convicted.
Seized in the raid were stolen weapons, unnamed illegal substances and about $27,500 in cash.


One response to “Suspected Midtown Drug Den Raided

  1. But no arrests were made? Good job….

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