Furry Juneau Bar Patron Asked to Leave

[Listen Here]

Jeremy Hsieh/KTOO
Throwing out patrons who overstay their welcome is a common late night practice in some Alaska bars. But one guest Monday night in Juneau’s Alaskan Hotel & Bar was especially unwelcome.
A 12-second clip of grainy black and white security camera footage is making its rounds on social media.
The clip shows a black bear’s brief visit Monday night to the lobby of the Alaskan Bar. C. Scott Fry, the hotel and bar manager, was next door in the hotel lobby. He watched the black bear pass his door on the sidewalk.
“And as soon as he got to the bar door, it made a left and walked in like he wanted to have a beer,” Fry said.
Ariel Svetlik-McCarthy was tending bar last night. She says it was quiet up to that point. She realized the bear was inside …
“…And then, freaked out. And went, ‘No bear! Get out! No! You can’t be in here!’”
Within seconds, the black bear obliged. It looked underage, too, she quips.
Area management biologist Ryan Scott with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game recalls bears visiting Bartlett Regional Hospital and private homes. But, he says bears going inside buildings is rare.
As far as this incident, “Sounds to me like they did great,” he said, “And it’s good news the bear did oblige.”


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