Kodiak Fleet Netting a Million-Plus Pinks a Day

Jay Barrett/KMXT
The pink salmon harvest took a big jump on Friday, with the local fleet delivering 1,737,994 salmon, which was about a million more fish than the day before.
Alaska Department of Fish and Game figures show the hot streak continued over the weekend, with another million pinks netted Saturday, and 1.2-million more on Sunday.
That brings the cumulative humpy harvest this season in the Kodiak Management Area to 13.8-million fish on a forecast of 17-million. Pink returns elsewhere in the state are also above expectations, with 128-million humpies already harvested, versus a preseason forecast of 119-million.
Alaska salmon packers are benefiting from a shortage of pink salmon from the Russian Far East this summer, where catches have been far below projections. Seafood.com reports prices for pink salmon roe are up to $11 per pound. With competition between Russian and Japanese buyers, pink roe is going from anywhere between $25 and $29 per kilogram at auction.
Kodiak sockeye harvests have been hovering around the 20,000 to 30,000 mark per day, with a total catch so far of 2,168,006.
There have been 675,000 chum, 61,000 silvers, and 33,500 king salmon harvested through Sunday.


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