Grant Will Help Alutiiq Museum Better Care for Artifacts

Brianna Gibbs/KMXT

The Alutiiq Museum has a sizeable grant heading its way. Earlier this month it received word that Alaska’s Rasmuson Foundation awarded it $127,867 to replace outdated climate control systems.

Facilities at the museum are almost two decades old, and Museum Interim Director Katie St. John said in a press release that they have been struggling to keep the outdated HVAC systems operating.

However, thanks to the generous award from the Rasmuson Foundation, the museum can replace the 18-year-old system with two modern HVAC units, a new set of HVAC controls and three climate logging machines. In the release, St. John said they will also use the money to refurbish two exterior doors.

The work is all part of the Alutiiq Collections Environment project, which is an effort to equip the museum for the next 20 years of operations and collections care.

The climate control system will allow the museum to be more energy efficient, and better control temperature and humidity levels for the thousands of delicate artifacts housed in the museum.


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